What happens to deleted files synced to Dropbox?

Business owners typically use Dropbox to sync files between their computers and share files with employees.  It is common to see multiple users accessing the same Dropbox Pro account because the single user Pro account is $99 per year while the multi-user Dropbox for business account starts at $795 per year.


  • Business owner has files on laptop synced to Dropbox Pro account.
  • Files are also synced to employee laptop.

The Problem

  • What happens when the business owner overwrites important file on their laptop?  On next sync cycle, Dropbox will sync the latest version of the file to the cloud.  On subsequent sync cycle, the updated file is sycned to the owner’s laptop.  Everyone is now working with the wrong version of the file.
  • What happens when the employee accidentally deletes important file from the Dropbox folder on their laptop?  On next sync cycle, Dropbox will mark file deleted on the Dropbox server.  On subsequent sycn cycle, the file is deleted from the owner’s laptop.  The file is now deleted from all local computers.

Recovery Process

  • If the change has occurred within the last 30 days, users can login and recover files from Dropbox.
  • If the change occurred more than 30 days ago, the original files are gone forever.  Forever.  Gone.

Enter Dropbox Packat (Not affiliate link)

  • Additional service for Pro accounts that archives all versions of all files, including deleted files, forever.
  • Previous versions and deleted files do not count against the storage cap.
  • $39 per yer.