Connecting Multiple Monitors for Accounting Work

Benefits of Using Multiple Monitors

  • Increased accuracy.  Source documents or process documents are open on one monitor while the accounting software is open on the second monitor.  With all information displayed at the same time, accuracy increases.
  • Increased speed.  By not having to switch between screens, input speed increases.

NVS Quadro Video Cards

  • Designed for financial professionals. 
  • Allows all monitors to be connected to a single video card.  Using a single video card to run all monitors eliminates the need to manage drivers on multiple video cards.
  • Drivers and nView desktop software provide the tools needed to customize the monitor setup.

NVS Quadro Video Cards Models

  • NVS 310 – Supports two monitors through DisplayPort connections.  $70 on eBay.
  • NVS 450 – Supports four monitors through DisplayPort connections.  $180 on eBay.
  • NVS 510 – Supports four monitors through mini-DisplayPort connections. $300 on eBay.

Most of the NVS video cards on eBay are barely used server or workstation pulls.  Businesses will purchase a workstation or server and immediately upgrade video cards.  The base NVS video card that shipped with the computer is sold on eBay.


Good cables are inexpensive at  15′ mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables for the NVS 510 card are $7 each.